Thursday, August 20, 2009

Purple Dinosaur Sprinkles Eats Like a College Student...

...NOT. In my defense, I would have eaten like a college student today, had my mother not forgotten to pack the Top Ramen I had been meant to take with me to college. As it were, I was left with a bag of rice and limitless options. In the end, my suitemates Mi and E and I wandered out to the Japanese & Thai restaurant on the street corner and bought a miso-glazed salmon steak for $15. Kind of a ripoff considering you can get a way thicker and juicier steak for $6.99 at the Asian Food Market, but while I had brought a sizable arsenal of cookware with me to college, we had no oil and no seasonings with which to cook. We're going shopping tomorrow.

But yes. We bought a miso-glazed salmon steak (which was quite tasty, by the way, although a bit drier than I prefer my salmon) and made some rice in our rice cooker, and E brought out some hard-boiled eggs, Korean seaweed, and some sort of meat (beef, I believe), and that was dinner.

Miso-glazed salmon. E loved the veggies.

Rice and an egg: Simplicity at it's finest.

The nori (seaweed) was awesome too. Korean nori is a lot crisper and delicate than the tougher Japanese variety used to wrap sushi. I usually get the seasoned kind, but unseasoned, these 3x2" sheets wrapped around a ball of rice made a humble but yummy meal.

After dinner Mi gave us each an apple, of which apparently she had brought loads. And it was a DELICIOUS apple. I honestly cannot think of a time I had enjoyed an apple more. In fact, I may have to ask her what kind of apple it was...I would post a photo here, but unfortunately I ate it before I thought to take a picture of it. I'm sure Mi has more, though, so I'll ask her for one to take a photo of later.

And now, I'm going to entertain you all with pictures of my new dormitory, which I'm sure none of you have any interest in. But humor me.

So, this is my bed. I got a body pillow--y'know, to replace The Boyfriend. It has a colorful stripey case that I luvvers. And yes, my bed has lots of pillows. Between sleeping, reading, and being on my laptop, I practically live on my bed. The pillows are for good proppage! Or, y'know, just because I like 'em. Oh, and that is N's old wallet on my bed. No, I didn't steal it, N gave it to me. Which makes it my new wallet. It's super-cute.
Okay, so this chair here? It is EVIL. You know how a lot of teenagers (I'm kind of being generic here, as I've never seen an adult do this, and the guys at my high school used to get yelled at for this all the time) like to tip their 4-legged chairs back and wobble back and forth on just the two back legs? Well, I swear the designer of this chair had those pesky teens in mind when he created this chair. It very easily leans back at the slightest shift in weight--which, of course, means my flopping back in my chair leads to me wildly windmilling my arms in an attempt to regain balance. It feels like I'm falling back in my chair, which, if anyone has ever had it happen to them, is a scary experience.

So far, it's already gotten me 3 times, once in front of my new room mate, L, and her mother. I love looking ridiculous in front of people I just met, but...only by my own choice! Jeez.

This is the shelf above my desk. Yes, it's cluttered. And I'm aware that the rice, pasta, and pancake mix look odd next to my small collection of perfume and scented oils. Just let it go.

So that's my first day in a dormitory! I'm really excited to be on my own at last. So finally the true purpose of this blog is revealed: to record my eating habits during college. I'm off to a good start, but we'll see if my love for cooking degenerates to a hatred of the stove over the 4 long years I have to fend for myself.