Sunday, September 20, 2009

Food is Best Eaten Outside

Fire Alarm Count: 28

And let it be known that two of last week's alarms had me tramping down 11 flights of stairs in 5" stiletto heels. Don't ask me why. Just know it happened.

Sooooo...this past weekend I went camping for the first time ever. With a bunch of Russian people. Make that a few hundred Russian people. There was a lot of singing and smoking and drinking and wasp-catching. And there was beer pong, although I (sadly) did not partake. I think if I ever have a normal camp experience now, it will be boring as hell.

But still...there were some interesting experiences. For one, I drank a whole 2 mL of vodka (seriously, I probably just dipped the tip of my tongue in it) and it burned so bad I wanted to spit it out. Vodka is not for me.

I also tried a mouthful of bourbon, which didn't go much better. Between you dear blog readers and myself, I nearly gagged it back up despite the fact that I have better-than-average control over my gag reflex. I was still not prepared for that burn. I don't understand why anyone drinks spirits, seriously. I can easily foresee myself going to bars and being THAT ONE that orders all the fruity pink drinks with goddamn paper umbrellas in them, and then getting completely hammered because it doesn't taste like alcohol AT ALL. Yes. Mind you, being a 105 lb. Asian girl I will probably get hammered anyway trying to keep up with my RUSSIAN boyfriend, who can apparently put away half a bottle of vodka and come out sober in a couple hours. That bastard.


Aaaaanywaaaaayyy...on to the food. Camp food.

I am starving just remembering this. Normally I don't even like wheat bread, but GAH. I will eat anything with cream cheese, lox, and tomato on it.

Dammit, I'm hungry.

And just like that, my ironclad will is broken and yes I WILL be splurging for that $14.99 package of smoked salmon at Trader Joe's. It's worth it. To me, at least. Because I looooooooove salmon. I would totally marry it--EXCEPT I HAVE A BOYFRIEND. WHOM I LOVE. Yes.

Erm...that bit of weirdness aside...not only was there awesome food there were awesome people.

Guy on the left is A. The Boyfriend is on the left. A kept hitting on me and I kept expecting The Boyfriend to leap up in a fit of jealous rage and tear A's head off. But apparently being mutually Russian crosses unseen boundaries of friendship and makes hitting on one another's girlfriends acceptable. So it's all gooooood. Because I like A. On a totally platonic level, that is. Because HE IS TOO YOUNG FOR ME AND I AM NOT A PEDOPHILE.

Nah, just kidding. He's not that much younger than me. >_<;; OhmygodIswearI'mnota40yearoldcreeper. (You can tell it's time for me to go to bed when I start talking like this).
So next up on the list is D (there were a lot more people there than just A and D, but I didn't get any photos of them because I'm a loser). This photo is a gem. Why, yes, that is a double cheeseburger he is cramming into his mouth. And not a wimpy one like you get at BK, either. A few minutes prior to this epic moment, an exchange between D and A went something like this:

A: Yes, dear~!

Basically, these two get the position of Honorary Gay Couple.

Okay, so that photo of the lox and tomato is making me SO HUNGRY and it is LATE and I want food dammit. But it will have to wait for morning *emo tear* because it is more imperative at the moment that I shower and go to bed so I can wake up a 7 am tomorrow.

Edit:// Correction, apparently A is the same age as me. I'm not sure why I thought he was a year younger...In fact, we have the exact same birthday. Life is funny like that.


  1. I heard about this alcohol-tasting experience. XP I really miss you guys! D: I wish I was there. Or that you were here. Or something.

    I made onigiri with Mysterious Korean Boy from down the hall (have I told you about them?) last night. We were kinda drunk. They came out well though! Ate them for breakfast today. <3

  2. Yeaaah...I think I am more inclined to stay away from alcohol's icky. xP

    Hahaha we have a Mysterious Korean Boy Next Door. We THINK he's straight. But it's hard to tell, because the ratio is so uneven least 2 of the 3 other guys he rooms with are definitely gay.

    And OMFG I was just thinking about making onigiri yesterday! Because I read a bunch of bento/Japanese food blogs and they made me crave rice shaped into triangles.

  3. Haha, so they say, so they say. They being the Russian.

    I WANT TO GO TO YOUR SCHOOL. You should read my Livejournal so that you get the full MKB story. It's really ridiculous.

    You should make them~ Especially since you're ALLOWED to make real food. -grumblegrumblelackofkitchengrumble-

    I need your mailing adress so I can send you the cupcake book I bought. I know you don't have an oven at the moment, but it was on sale for super cheap and just sitting there, unloved...

    Also, today I was discussing making spun sugar with one of my engineering friends and he explained that you have to actually add another kind of sugar as a chaperone so that the sugar doesn't turn into a big glob. So there's the part where we went wrong. XD There is apparently a laymen's explanation of the science behind this requirement somewhere on the internet, and it's represented as a rave. >_> I think you might enjoy it.

  4. We're almost not allowed to cook anymore because of all the fire alarms.

    And send me the link for your LJ.
    I'll Facebook you my address, I don't want any creepers getting hold of it...
    Don't you love how "facebook" has become a verb?

    Erm...that sounds wonderful, except we weren't trying to make spun sugar, we were trying to make sugar syrup. xDDDD