Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bentoing Adventures Part 1

After two months of night-class caramel macchiatos and premade roast beef sandwiches, the $225 in my school account to dwindle down to a measly $2. I take this opportunity to be more frugal with my money and start making myself a boxed lunch to take to class instead of spending $7 at Valentino's. Here's how that's going...

bento1 by you.

This is my first bento that I made for lunch when I went to the computer lab on Sunday to work on a project. It contains rice with salmon furikake, stir-fried okra, and scrambled eggs.

bento2 by you.

My second bento was for my 6-hour Laboratory class for which we have one hour for lunch break. I used extra cucumber and avocado I cut for making sushi the night before, as well as the leftover vinegared rice. I put a little sweetfish roe in a silicone cup and some soy sauce in a lidded container and mixed it all together during lunchtime. Ta-da~ chirashi-zushi! (if you don't know what chirashi-zushi is...look it up).

bento3 by you.

My most recent bento I made last night with the intention of bringing it to my 9-12 morning class as an early lunch...but in the morning rush I forgot to grab it. So I had it for lunch when I got back instead. I hardboiled a bunch of eggs yesterday, so this bento has a peeled and quartered hard-boiled egg, rice with salmon furikake, and leftover scallion pancakes that E made a few nights ago.

I didn't perfectly follow the official bento-making guidelines, but hey...I did what I could in the 10 minutes I have each morning. With the exception of the first bento, all the contents of the bento were made from stuff I found in the fridge. I should do this more often.

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